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MaxGen Energy Services is dedicated to developing, maintaining, and operating infrastructure that supports alternative energy technologies.

MaxGen's mission: "Be the industry leader in providing Safe, Professional, and Reliable Operations and Maintenance services to our nation's renewable energy infrastructure."

We pioneered O&M, and since 2009 have focused on nothing else. Today we are the largest independent renewable O&M company in the country, offering full scope services for commercial, utility, and heterogeneous portfolios throughout North America.

OEMs Owners Utilities & IPPs Developers & EPCs

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMS)

MaxGen is the largest independent operator for solar power portfolios and distributed energy resources in the U.S. By utilizing our national service footprint, you can gain access to relevant solar markets without added OPEX investment.

Don't allow your service footprint to impact your sales, use our capabilities to ensure you can compete without boundaries, and always service your customers and fielded equipment quickly and cost effectively.

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Working With Owners

Whether you have one site, a few sites, or hundreds, MaxGen has the infrastructure, experience, depth, and coverage to help you manage your renewable assets and ensure they always perform throughout their life cycle.

Individual Site Owners

MaxGen can provide you with market competitive services, customized for your business, at market leading price and quality. Our pricing tool and monitoring solutions ensures cost and scope transparency for our customers and partners. There are no surprises when working with MaxGen.

Multiple Site

MaxGen offers turnkey O&M services that include daily monitoring, operations management, alerts, and reporting systems based on live performance data.

Asset Portfolio Owners

MaxGen is one of the largest renewable full-scope O&M providers in the country and the only one that is completely independent and focused solely on your portfolio needs.


Utilities & IPPs

Operations and maintenance ensures generation and experienced operations guarantees optimal performance over the life of the plants. MaxGen's service offerings, are designed to increase plant MTBF, decrease downtime and lower costs. Our services include:

Our NERC CIP Medium Remote Operations Center (ROC) works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to deliver these services, seamlessly reacting to grid requirements, and always available to resolve any issues that arise.

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Developers & EPCs

MaxGen provides competitive full scope services at market prices for any solar project. With services spanning the entire project life cycle and resources across the country, MaxGen enables our partners to develop and execute great projects, anywhere.

MaxGen not only brings experience and confidence to operate your asset, we help to ensure their value as they transition from construction to operation and long term ownership.

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