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MaxGen can provide you with market competitive services, customized for your business, at market leading price and quality. Our pricing tool and monitoring solutions ensures cost and scope transparency for our customers and partners. There are no surprises when working with MaxGen.

At MaxGen, Safety is our #1 priority and we believe any risk to our people and your site is unacceptable.

We are independent, without conflicts of interest or warranty obligations to protect. Simply put, we are your O&M.

We have developed a proprietary software platform by integrating the Power Factors SAAS platform and Salesforce to ensure real-time site monitoring, event management, dispatch and resolution, all tracked and recorded in detail. With over 3.5 GW of real-time monitoring and operations, we have the data and experience needed to make your system perform throughout its life cycle.

MaxGen is dedicated to being the best solution to your site operation needs



MaxGen offers turnkey O&M services that include daily monitoring, operations management, alerts, and reporting systems based on live performance data. Our Remote Operations Center (ROC) monitors your solar site in real-time, determining best practices and issue resolution with a fully integrated software platform based upon Power Factors and Salesforce. We analyze and compare operational and financial data from Power Factors to guarantee portfolio financial and operational performance over time.

MaxGen trains and equips a national network of field operations professionals and technicians who provide great service at a great price, anywhere your portfolio needs require.

At MaxGen, Safety is our #1 priority and we believe any risk to our people and your sites is unacceptable.

MaxGen is the largest independent renewable full scope O&M provider in the country. Without warranty obligations or balance sheet liabilities to protect, our only interest is in the best performance of your portfolio and protecting your financial interests. We work for our customers ONLY, not the OEM or EPC. Simply put, we are your O&M.



MaxGen is one of the largest renewable full-scope O&M providers in the country and the only one that is completely independent and focused solely on your portfolio needs.

With over 3.5 GW of assets under management and a national network of technicians and providers MaxGen can operate and maintan your entire portfolio, consolidate your monitoring and reporting, and standardize your contracts and support. We make portfolio management easy, scalable, and efficient.

We understand that optimizing performing assets requires round the clock diligence and absolute focus. Our Remote Operations Center (ROC) in Costa Mesa, CA, is a federal facility, fully compliant, and staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Through our customer interface, powered by Power Factors, your asset managers have real time access to the performance of every system, work orders, alerts, and a myriad of other information empowering you with information and ensuring trust through transparency.